Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nina Paige, Feminine Submissive Rescued From Nasty Male Oppression

Feminization Suppressed for Decades!

If you read the most recent post, then you know how much havoc the macho asshole (aka the controlling closet crossdresser) wreaked on the inherent femininity that was alive and on fire in the deeply suppressed Nina Paige. My darling feminine submissive -for decades!- begged, pleaded, and allowed herself to be subjected to sexual subjugation in order to be allowed out to enjoy dressing for only a few moments. However, the macho-asshole-in-charge took any sense of authentic enjoyment in the experience away from my girl.

Don't get me wrong. Yes. He allowed her out, but then he used her as his own personal sex slave, who was allowed to dress only in order to get him turned on and then get him off. As soon as he had his fun, however, the feminine essence was locked up, the clothes came off, and any acknowledgement of feminization was immediately forgotten. This happened again... and again... and again... In short, that macho tyrant was torturing and using the innocent and girly Nina Paige as nothing more than a means to his end. It was utterly mortifying, disgusting, and reprehensible.

Time for Mistress to Rescue the Feminine Nina Paige

As soon as I got wind of this nonsense, I put my plan into action, and I did not ask for permission to do so nor did I give a rat's ass what Mr. Macho thought about my goals. I immediately grabbed Nina Paige -who was unnamed at the time- by the hand, pulled her out of that dark prison, snatched her out of that immense world of repression and torture, and promised her a world of freedom forevermore. While she wanted to believe, I think the prospect of seeing the feminine light of day was a dream for which she dare not wish - even under these exceptional circumstances. Regardless, I had more than enough belief and determination for the both of us.

Putting the Dominant Control Freak in His Place: A Contract and A Ceremony

Immediately, during the initial time I was getting to know Ms. Paige, I had the ball busting bastard sign a binding contract, wherein he did not fully realize in what he was getting himself. *laughing* This was one of the first integral parts of my plan, as now I had big man by the balls - and I fully intended to squeeze them. The contract was lengthy, very detailed, and clearly outlined how I would punish "him" should he dare disobey me or harm Nina in any way. I dared him to try me, and naturally, he did. Punishment was swift, certain, and severe. Who is in charge now?!

Not long after this little "incident" of direct insubordination, I began planning a lovely "crossdressing coming out" for Nina Paige in which we would make things official. The most important aspect of this ceremony was the naming of Nina Paige and plenty of reinforcement of her femininity, freedom, and new life. Nina would from this point forward NEVER be deprived of her desires to experience and relish her feminine submissive nature again. She was going become MY girl, and I was going to ensure that she would get to experience all things feminine on which she had missed out for all those years.

Giving the Feminine Submissive Her Turn at Some Dominance

Now, the tables were turned - and they have been turning ever since then. That was over 3-1/2 years ago, and Nina Paige has since learned that, despite her submissive crossdressing yearnings and deep desires to please her Mistress, my darling girl has a bit of a dominant alive and well living within herself. One thing I wanted to accomplish was to empower Nina to an extent that she felt fully able to dominant the former control freak - and she has done so under my guiding hand. She assists Mistress when I discipline the former macho asshole with a harsh spanking, cock and ball torture, and consuming his own cum. Yes. The once completely subjugated girl I are turning the dated dominant dickhead into a submissive, red-bottomed, groveling, cum-eating slave, who is destined to serve all females without question.

There will be no suppression of femininity in my presence ever again. PERIOD.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Talk More About the Macho Man Who Was a Closet-Crossdressing Control Freak

Meeting the Previously Dominant Control Freak

My first impression was swift, certain, and definitive: "He" was a bossy, arrogant, finger-snapping control freak. He thought he was going to show me how in charge he was - of everything. I suppose he thought that his decades of control over the feminine part of himself meant he was going to control the feminine all of me. Was he ever wrong!

Oh yes. He thought he was "THE" man on top, controlling, dictating to, barking at, and cracking his proverbial whip in the direction of any and everyone who crossed his path. His attitude preceded him with the delicacy and tact of Howard Stern, and he thought his position of being a heavy duty, high-ranking, powerful, stressed-out professional entitled him to be snide, short, and snotty to everyone who crossed his path. 

The Dominating Dick Desires to Be Dominated

As you can probably surmise, he did not have some magical on-off switch for his tightly wound demeanor; therefore, he was not only wound ever so tightly in his work environment, but he was an exasperating and often unbearable tyrant at home. In fact, early on, he had tried in induct his wife into his desire to play with submission and crossdressing. Even then, he was one to top from the bottom, as what person wanting to behave in a submissive manner tries to "force" another into domination?? Of course, he wanted his way, so that was a moot point.

After the attempts to have his wife engage in his fantasies fell by the wayside over time, the control freak decided he would lock his desires to crossdress, express his sense of femininity, and be submissive into "the vault" or, as I like to refer to it, "mental prison," where there was no chance of those desires escaping and showing themselves. If fact, macho man created a division within himself between the masculine warden and feminine prisoner - and the warden would only allow the feminine submissive part of his psyche out under the strictest of control. Big surprise. Right?


Submissive Feminine Self Held Captive!

Of course, during the time that he was perfecting the practice of suppression, the warden of (pseudo-)masculinity was not allowing his feminine persona out to give her a break or some sense of freedom and/or release. Oh no! In fact, he only allowed this lifelong part of himself out for his own selfish and tightly-controlled purposes. He treated the feminine persona as his personal geisha, and he only gave her enough time and freedom in the proverbial light of day to be his sex slave and get him off. As soon as he got his jollies, back into the dark, dank, tiny prison cell the feminine submissive side of himself went - until he needed her out again for his own sexual purposes. He was a cruel, selfish, insensitive, and despicable jailer.


Closet Crossdressing Control Freak Meets His Mistress Match

Well, he met his match when he met me. I knew his game before we really even got started, and I was prepared for the shenanigans he would dish out sooner or later. Naturally, he doled out attitude, nonsense, and presented himself as some sort of challenge sooner than it was later, but he was destined to fail.

I told him I would completely feminize him and turn him into a girl. He scoffed and doubted me. It happened - and exceeded even my expectations.


It's a Feminization and Submission Wake-Up Call!

He tried to purge ME as his Mistress. He acted like he was going to call it quits. He went nowhere, was punished, and -almost 3-1/2 years later- shamelessly grovels, begs, and pleads to be held tightly in feminine submission, disciplined, and put in HER place.

He tried to be an asshole at home. He was severely punished, required to make amends with his wife, and warned that his attitude had better change ASAP - or else. He behaves like the perfect little subservient angel now to EVERY female with whom he comes into contact.

He tried to top me from the bottom. He was warned. He continued - and he was taught a lesson.

He tried to control the situation, me, Nina Paige, his wife, and so much more!


The Creation of a True Feminine Submissive

However, you, the reader, will learn just how futile and ridiculous all of those efforts were on "his" part. You will also learn that things have evolved to the point where "he" has not only been completely dethroned, but "he" is the one now subjugated and locked in that dark prison to which he exiled every genuine and real sense, feeling, and manifestation of feminine beauty, demeanor, emotions, and so on that Nina Paige simply longed to express via innocent crossdressing and the immersion in feeling submissive and helpless to the overwhemling power of feminization and what it feels like to be a girl.

"He" is sometimes allowed out, but my how the dynamic is changed. "He" has been completely stripped of even the finest shred of masculinity and has been indoctrinated with allegiance to and love for all things feminine. Now, "he" is Nina Paige, the lovely delicate flower who was relegated to silence for all those years, but now prances, plays, and revels in the broad daylight. "He" is Barbie, the macho-asshole-turned-lover-of-feminity and given no choice in that decision. "He" is Little Stephen, thay young boy who only wanted to play dress-up in Mommy's pretty things. "He" is my Baby Girl, Mommy's most innocent, dear, and dependent little femme pet.

You will see that "he" has been taken out of the equation, except for being Mistress' slave, servant, submissive, inmate, pet, whore, life-sized doll, secretary, personal assistant, and sufferer of well-deserved humiliation, as well as Mommy's adult baby, toy, doll, pink pacifier lover, and ruffled angel.

"He," for all intents and purposes, is gone forever...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Introducing Little Stephen, Mistress' Fully Feminized, Crossdressing Young Man-Girl

Little Crossdressing Boy Pretends to Be Big Haughty Man

When little Stephen first arrived on my virtual doorstep, he was a cocky, haughty, macho, snide, and bossy man's man - and lifelong crossdresser. For quite a while, he thought he was going to be the one in charge. I told him I would turn him into a girl, but he snidely doubted me. Time proved him to be wrong... gravely wrong...

That was several years ago, and the bossy, bottom-topping, macho asshole is now completely gone.

Answering the Call for Help From the Ultra-Feminine Nina Paige

As he was being ushered on his way out forever, Nina Paige, a most lovely, endearing, voluptuous blonde, appeared in his place. In fact, Nina Paige had been there all along, but the manly control freak had keep her suppressed, locked away, and dehumanized so he could remain in charge. At least, that's how "he" ran the show until I appeared on the scene.

Once Nina Paige reached out to me, as a Mistress, I promptly took the cruel, arrogant warden and poster boy for masculinity firmly in hand; figuratively squeezed those worthless, ego-inflated balls; and squeezed with a mighty grip. As it turned out, Mr. Man was not at all the all-powerful asshole he has imagined himself to be, and "he" was now relegated to the murky mental prison. Miss Nina Paige was now allowed out on a permanent basis, and she was like a beautiful feminine bud that had been taken out of the shade, placed in the sun, and nurtured by sunlight and showers until she blossomed into the stunning flower she was meant to be.

Nina Paige, Feminine Submissive Extraordinaire

Over time, Nina Paige came into her own and developed into the most obedient, submissive, dedicated, and feminine little lady ever. She went from feeling embarrassed, obvious, and paranoid over shopping in public to running around handing out her signature card to female sales associates in the stores she visited. She even went into the salon to have her wig styled and outed herself to the ladies there. It would appear that my dear Nina Paige was a mental exhibitionist and enjoyed -always respectfully and tactfully- revealing her secret to females wherever she went to browse or shop. She has been my masterpiece of full feminization.

Mommy, Can Your Little Boy Wear Your Panties?

All was moving along very successfully, so successfully that someone else appeared on the scene. It was Little Stephen, that naughty, curious little boy with the long, blonde ringlets, who coveted his sister's and mother's things from a young age, and found he could not get enough of dressing, binding himself like Houdini, and reveling in the excitement and titillation of being the bad little boy who wanted to dress and feel so very feminine.

Little Stephen needed Mistress to become the Mommy, who would not only fully know and expose his girly secret, but would push him into expressing and living his femme fantasies. He needed Mommy to be stern and controlling yet maternal and sharing of the feminine experience with her little boy. Little Stephen needed to feel Mommy reinforce the fact that, while he so longed to be her little girl, he was nonetheless not and would never be a "real" girl. Humiliation, embarrassment, and exposure as a boy-girl would be Mommy's tools of choice, along with maternal love, feminine support, and understanding of her little man's desires. Mommy would treat her little pet like a baby at times, making him drink from a bottle in front of her. With that combination of humiliation and maternal petting, Mommy would have Little Stephen turned into her feminine mini-me and wrapped around her pinky finger in no time.

Mommy's Baby Girl: Adult on the Outside, Diapered on the Inside

Now, we have a new feminine persona on the scene. That new little lady is Mommy's baby girl, who is a precious little doll and longs only to be Mommy's perfect, sweet, angelic girl. She longs to wear her bib that says "I love my Mommy," pop her pink pacifier in her mouth, and take all of her bottle like a good baby should. She is excited about the mere thought of wearing diapers, pretty little ruffled panties, and cutesy little baby things. She is going to help Mommy taunt Little Stephen, and she will surely make him jealous. It is Mommy's plan to turn her baby girl into THE perfect illustration of infantile femininity.

Join me in the future for tales as both a Mistress and Mommy of my journey into and across femininity, crossdressing, humiliation, submission, and adult baby escapades with my little boy and my girls. As I tell each of them, there is always more to be done, more room for improvement, many goals to set and meet, and an infinitely large number of feminine things to accomplish.

Grab your favorite pretty things and join us...